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Dom Rock VOX
Use customer's voice to boost product and services performance and innovation.


Product VOX
What products and services attributes do customers value? For what reasons?

The search for a competitive differential is translated into offers generated by products or services. Most of the time, the search for assertiveness happens through market research processes that are expensive, slow and still require intuition for decision making. Dom Rock VOX technology makes it possible to generate analytical intelligence for products and services based on customer comments and conversations generated in multiple channels.

Service VOX
How are the quality and effectiveness of services perceived by customers? 

Every day customers review services on multiple service channels. Service VOX is the AI solution that classifies themes, topics and subjects generated by the customer regarding quality, price, information, questions, alerts and churn. In addition, our solution analyzes risks and opportunities across campaigns, competition, cross-selling, up-selling and conversion.

Omni VOX
Achieving efficiency and customer satisfaction across multiple channels.

The dynamics of customer relationships has led organizations to create various forms of interaction. On the one hand, this brings flexibility and convenience to customers, but on the other hand, it brings the complexity of dealing with the information generated by several channels. Dom Rock VOX technology produces analytical intelligence from conversations, regardless of the channels, to manage the most relevant themes and topics, thus ensuring agility in the recurring management of the customer experience.

City VOX
From the citizens' "voice" to potential evolutions for public services

Every day citizens come into contact with call centers. These calls, in the form of recorded audio, contain the demand of the population in different contexts. Dom Rock VOX technology allows you to interpret these conversations and generate analytical views of themes and categories so that public service management can be more assertive in planning and decision-making.

Sales VOX 
Sales dynamics captured by voice.

Sales teams that travel during their visits to customers usually produce their reports in written form and in a standardized way. This necessary work takes time and affects the quality of the information. The Dom Rock VOX technology allows the sending of recorded audio reports on customer, competition and market relations, recurrently feeding an analytical panel of competitive intelligence.

Support VOX
Voice service reports generating high productivity.

When providing field services such as maintenance, support and other modalities, teams need to send their reports of occurrences linked to service orders. Dom Rock VOX technology allows sending reports via recorded audio, attached to the service order, feeding an analytical intelligence panel on themes and topics that may be signs of gains in operational efficiency.

The combination of algorithms that accelerate discoveries through data automation and optimization.

The combination of our algorithms offers the opportunity to expand product and service strategies by projecting scenarios that analyze business or public sector dynamics from different perspectives within customer and citizen manifestations. These combinations enhance the assertiveness of actions plan along with gains in revenue.

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