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Portfolio optimization and forecasting to give your business
a competitive leverage in omnichannel strategy.

Our modules

Marketing & Planning
Which is the optimal portfolio of products and services to generate offers? 

Our data technology allows us to show ideal scenarios for planning products and services with high sales potential and a high level of assertiveness.

Sales & Distribution
How to optimize sales considering the best channel, the lowest cost and other variables? 

Our data technology combines the multiple dynamics of customers, products and services with potential sales channels involving topics such as performance, coverage, costs, etc., providing discoveries that regularly impact the commercial strategy.

How do different pricing scenarios impact sales results? 

Our data technology allows the generation of price scenarios based on factors such as elasticity, and adding other variables such as offers, segments, sales and distribution channels, in order to find patterns that allow the optimization of sales and consequently margin gains.

The combination of modules that accelerate action plan and discoveries

Combining one or more modules extends generations of business insights for marketing and sales planning, operational efficiency, price elasticity and analysis, optimal inventory turns and cost reduction.

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