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Data Lake Rock.
From data processing to actionable insights.
Get it all on a single platform.


Data Lake as a Service.

Easy, simple and no need of experts.

 Our Data Lake technology automates ingestion and processing of unstructured and structured data aiming to deliver business insights.

Dom Rock data lake technology was built with the most advanced technologies of big data and artificial intelligence with self-scaling cloud architecture. In recent years, our platform has been recognized as one of the best in Brazil.

For many professionals in all types of organizations.


Business and Data Analysts

Build your dashboards, charts and reports with your preferred tool and stop wasting time preparing data.


Data Scientists

Build models and algorithms based on the quality of your organization's data and stop wasting time preparing data. Ready to use, all in one place.


Developer and data engineer

Access the data catalog and have all the data at your fingertips for new applications and integrations according to your business needs.


Data Officer

Your governance and security of information with traceability and constant monitoring. Flexible architecture, easy to operate and maintain.

Get your Data Lake within 10 weeks.

We help organizations to develop an automated data pipeline according to the demand of each business. 

All within the award-winning Dom Rock Setup & Run methodology. 

For more information, contact us.

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